Reel Services

$15.00 - $45.00

Is your reel feeling a bit crusty? Casting distance lacking?

Any reel will benefit from a simple cleaning and lubricating, even brand new out of the box reels can use some help in many cases. Fresh oil on the bearings and grease on the gears will many for a much smoother operating reel, and may add a bit to your casting distances.

If you want to improve performance over your reels factory supplied components, a set of spool bearings can make a huge difference. Spool bearing replacement starts at only $30. For specialty use such as BFS, lightweight easy rolling bearings, and Heavy Duty reels, we offer HD Bearing replacements.

Along with your basic reel maintenance and bearing upgrades, there are a ton of other available upgrades and modifications. Extended length handles, larger knobs, color accent parts, lighter spools, and many more.

Supertuning reels takes your reel to the next level of smooth. Polishing of gears, polishing of drag components, making them a dream to operate.

Base $15 price includes reel cleaning and lubricating of parts. We will evaluate the need for any repairs necessary upon arrival. If you believe bearings are in need of replacement, or you'd like to make the upgrade, please select the option upon purchase.

$5 shipping charge at checkout covers return shipping of your reel. Multiple reels will receive discounted return shipping. You are responsible to shipping the rod to us for servicing.

Give us a shout to check out upgrade options for your particular reel.