Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit

  • Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit
  • Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit
  • Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit
  • Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit
  • Custom Ice Fishing Rod Deposit

Custom Ice Fishing rod built to order.

Get the exact rod you want! Grip materials and color choices, and thread wrap colors and designs are endless.

From the lightest panfish jigs, to big laker and pike rods

Send Noods-Solid Glass noodle tip rod, fast taper to a solid backbone. Great blank for fishing 2-4mm tungsten jigs

Mag Noodle- Solid Glass blank, extra fast taper. Super light tip, with rebar like back bone. Great bite detection, but the power to handle bigger fish. Fishing close to cover, brush pile, reeds, cribs? Get them out in a hurry, but still have the tip to see that like bite.

Pinpoint Panfish- Solid glass blank, with slightly heavier tip that Send Noods, and slightly slower taper.

Perch Tamer- Solid Carbon blank, with s super sensitive tip, and mod/fast action to give a great loaded up blank bend for fighting bigger fish. We recommend this blank for most light spoon fishing applications from perch and crappie, to mid-sized walleye. It will handle big fish in a pinch, but works best for lure weights under 1/4oz

Lite walleye-The rod for those big walleye baits, and big walleye bites. Solid Carbon construction, 1/4oz-3/4oz lure weight, mod/fast action. Great for those bigger buckshot spoons, #7 jigging raps, or bigger hard baits.

Mag Walleye- As the name implies, when you're after the magnum marble eyes. Big water and big fish. Biggest rattle baits, big jigs and big fishing rivers.

Big Mack- The chosen stick for Mackinaw. Big lakers, big rod. Solid carbon blank, ready to bring them up from the depths. Lengths up to 48"

Slab Stick- This is for the crazy light feel bite. Solid carbon, near noodle type action, but in a blank that will transfer the feel to your finger tips. Great for small tungsten jigs, and small lightweight spoons.

Builds are priced individually per your desires. Rod component prices vary widely.
If you're after great performing rod, with simple tastes the Basic Build is the way to go. If you want a bit more flare on you rod with cork or carbon grips, and more trim options, the Premium Build will fit your needs. For the guys that want that rod that sticks out from all the others, with a high gloss painted seat, intricate thread wraps, and titanium guides, an All Out build is in order!

Build lead times are 6-8 weeks from time of deposit. The remaining balance will be due upon rod completion.