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7'9" Medium Heavy Mod/Fast Swimbait Stick


Ready to toss some big hard baits? Glides, big topwater, crankdowns, wake baits, sling them out there with this Swimbait Stick! Perfect parabolic action for treble hook hardbaits, and sticking the big ones. This blank loads fantastic with 2-3oz lures. Bomb cast those big baits out there.

Cork Grips are built in house, using burl cork rings, then sealer with U40 Cork Seal. Soft touch of cork, but a tougher material than traditional cork.

American Made Thrasher Blank
Alps TX16 seat
12" Rear Grip (butt to seat)
Fuji KW Alconite Guide set
15-25lb line weight
1-3 oz lure weight

List Price $415